Monday, June 14, 2010

Nighttime Rendezvous

I know the goal is for Aleni to sleep through the night... but, right now, I love our nightly encounters.

I love that she calls out to me 2-3 times a night, and that when I go to her--she immediately responds to my presence. I lift her sleep-heavy little body from the bed and snuggle her into the crook of my arm to feed her. She tosses her head around desperately, her mouth open for whatever happens along. When she finds what she is looking for, she settles down instantly, eating hungrily.

I love the dark stillness of this moment. I love the smell of baby lotion that wafts up to me from her warm form. I love how she rubs her chubby hand over her head as she eats. I love how she drifts to sleep as she eats, and then jerks herself awake and goes back to what she was doing.

I love that when she is finished, she arches back, back, back as though she couldn't possibly hold another drop. Then she lets out a long sigh, and finds her thumb and sucks contentedly.

Then, the best part... When I lay her back in her crib, she stretches both arms up over her head and sleeps that way. The picture of contented fullness.


  1. Such a sweet angel!

    But, I have to admit that the title made me expect a more naughty tale. ;)

  2. gotcha! ;)

    well, i didn't know how many people would want to read: "Nursing Aleni", I had to spice it up. I just hadta!


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