Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Ahhh, it sounds so Anne-of-Green-Gable-ish, doesn't it?

Well, I am referring to our new puppy Canela and my newly-turned-two son Noah.

From the time we got Canela, I began seeing things she had in common with Noah. She warms up to people slowly. She likes to chew on pens and crayons. Near me isn't enough, she needs to be on me. She's still working on the potty training issue. Sometimes she pretends like she is deaf, at least to the word "no". If I have it, she wants it--even if she has a basket overflowing with her own toys. She tries to use her big, sad brown eyes to get what she wants.

Don't get me wrong. For a 6-month-old puppy, Canela has been great. She is fiercely loyal to us, trots along with me wherever I am going and doesn't bark much. She's learned to fetch, is doing pretty well on a leash and has been gentle with the babies.
However, sometimes her and Noah become partners in crime.

Today, I noticed what seemed to be a Kodak moment of boy-dog bonding over near "Canela's Corner". Aww, that's nice, Noah, I said. Upon closer examination, I found Noah had thrown all of Canela's food in a 10 foot radius around him and Canela was scurrying around eating it off the floor. She actually seemed to prefer it there. Then I notice Noah's jaw was working away at something. Dog food. And he wouldn't stop eating it. I had to literally haul him away and pry out whatever remnants were there. It may explain a rather explosive diaper that followed about an hour later.

Fast forward a few moments: I find Canela spewing colorful bits of wax around the house. Nooo, I moan as I fish the crayon out of her mouth and look around for any other truant chew toys. My eye catches Noah, clambering down from the chair and shaking salt onto the floor. The table was already full of salt he'd shaken onto it, you see, so that left the floor. Noah said, "No, no, noooo..." in a mousey, whiney voice while shaking his head and watching me clean up his seasoning.

Later today, I heard Canela scratching away on the couch in the living room. Livid... I stomped in there. "You KNOW you aren't supposed to be there. Get DOWN!" Canela hunkered down and whimpered. I did what I had to. Grabbed her collar and pulled her to the floor as I heard the sound of things falling to the floor back in the other room.

I stomped back in there to find Noah with an empty bag in his hand, standing in the storage closet. The plastic spoons that had been there were now littered all over the floor. "Noah! You aren't supposed to be in there!" I said fiercely, reaching for the bag. Canela, happy that someone else was in trouble, jumped around me. Then, I noticed Noah was trembling. Sorry, little fella. You are probably wondering if I am about to grab YOUR collar.... A little more calmly, I told him to help me pick up the spoons and that was that.

I was glad for that moment. That I saw the trembling. Because it helped me step back, calm down and get off the monster train. I am dealing with two very young, very energetic, very in-training creatures. They are loving, lovable and loved--but I have got to expect some craziness from them rather than being incensed by it.

Let's see if the house is still standing by tomorrow night....


  1. The only comment I am *allowed* ;) to say here is: I don't think Canela is more than 50% cocker spaniel, do you? Her body looks so dauchshund to me! :) Like you said, at least you won't have hair to clean up!

  2. you are right about the "allowed" part... ;)

    i know!! she has the cocker spaniel face and personality, but her body doesn't look it. if i imagine it with curly hair i can kinda see it... :)

  3. They look so cute together! But, yeah, sounds like it will be test of your patience while they both do some more growing up.

  4. well, sarah---do you have tips for puppies?? being a "dog person"... :)


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