Saturday, June 26, 2010

It Was Nice

I haven't found Mexico to be the most "complementary" place. No, I have encountered a lot more criticism than praise, more wrongs than rights.

So, it was Thursday was huge for me. I received not one, not two, but three compliments on my mommying. All from separate people at separate times. Women! I don't know that I have received that many in all my time in Mexico!

The first one told me she loved how I interact with the babies. She believes they will be extra-smart because of the way I am always talking and playing with them.

The next one told me she loves how I keep to my babies' sleep schedules. That I am not dragging them out all over the country at all hours of the day or night.

The last one told me that I was a very patient mama. "You know how to be a mommy". (I told her she hadn't seen me at home...)

Wow. I sure am glad I went out with Rey that day!

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  1. Awesome! About time those ladies realized what's up! :) You are a wonderful mommy!
    Love you.


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