Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's the best.

It's Father's Day, as we all know. As I was brainstorming what I could do for the event--outside of the compulsory card... I decided to make up a list of ways Rey is a great dad...and leave them around the house. I think he liked it, and I will share some of the ways with you!

"You are a marvelous daddy because.....

You take the time to be with and listen to your children.

You don't complain about the extra work the babies cause.

Your children adore you.

You know how to play with the children in a special way and always make them so happy.

You were with me at every moment during the pregnancies and births.

You give your babies lots of kisses and compliments.

You always take Noah with you when you can. This not only helps me out, but teaches Noah what he needs to know about "man things".

You aren't bothered by changing diapers---not matter how stinky they are.

You always do all you can to help raise, protect and love our babies.

You are a great example for your children.

Rey, my love... For everything you are and everything you do-- THANK YOU!

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