Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happily... I had already planned on mopping the floor

Today's Noah News comes to you courtesy of... well, Noah himself.

Yesterday was Rey's monthly trip to the Indian Village. Usually they leave around 7 am and get back around midnight. So, I know I'm in for a long day.

I had a big list of things I wanted to get done. All the laundry--bedding also. Wash the floors in the apartment. And, mainly, keep all of us sufficiently happy and sane.

As I was hanging out the first load of laundry, Noah was accompanying me. The dog's food and water bowls are there nearby, and Noah decided to insert one foot into the water bowl. Sigh. One pair of shoes out on the balcony to dry. New pair of socks.

I also am realizing that Noah has decided the neatest little game--finding anything small enough and throwing it down the drain hole on the roof (he knows how to pull the cover off). I do believe all of the dog's toys are down there. Also, I am betting on some of the neighbor's kitchen things being found there. I am sure there are two balls and a bunch of rocks. Ahh, well. Rey's to-do list isn't long enough. I put a large rock over the hole, but he has been able to scoot it off.

Mid-morning, I walked out of the room Noah was in for about 5 minutes. I heard him talking to the dog... and when I walked back into the room, I noticed Noah was laying on the floor. Was that a puddle of dog pee? I went over to inspect, and saw the bottle of apple juice laying on the floor next to Noah. Oh, yes. He was laying in a 10-foot wide puddle of apple juice, rolling actually.

I made the "Home Alone" face--clasping my hands to my cheeks in horror. Noah slowly stood, dripping juice from every corner, and clasped his hands to his cheeks, equally horrified. I counted to 10, and carried Noah across the apartment to the bath tub where he received a cold wash down.

Noah was placed in his room while I did a quick mop-up of the juice. Now I was really sticky and smelling of an odd, stagnant odor and there was another pair of shoes out on the balcony, drying.

I headed over to the sink to wash dishes, and found myself standing in a huge puddle. What?? Now you know in Mexico, we don't "drink the water". We buy it in 5 gallon jugs which we place upside down on a dispenser. (Somewhat like the one below)

Well, Noah loves to reach up and pull on the tab for water to come out, and it is forbidden--so, double the fun. He must have been pulling on it and broke the tab, before seeing the juice on the counter and coming up with the even "funner" plan of juice diving.

So, water was steadily dripping from the dispenser, which meant I needed to pull the jug off the dispenser. Have you ever tried to lift and flip a five gallon bottle?? It was pretty close to full, so my execution was less than graceful and ended with more water on the floor and water all over the counter. Fun.

Was it nap time yet? It soon was, and the afternoon passed fairly uneventfully. Well, later I did go up to do more laundry and found a whole bag of broken eggs. (Here in the small stores, they sell eggs by kilo and give it to you in bags) He must have found them in the neighbors cupboard (which is sitting out in the open) and lived his dream: Throwing these awesome, perfectly-sized balls. Something mom has never let him do. Sigh. Ran eggs up to replace those.
And then, he did decide to relieve his bowels in the bathtub. Hmm, maybe it wasn't so uneventful.


  • Noah has learned to work door knobs. Note to self: Lock doors.

  • Noah is "deep" in the copying stage. He copies everything he sees. Cutest part of this: Him using anything like a mic to sing into. Scariest part of this: Him trying to shave his upper lip. Agghhhh!

"What do you want??"

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