Thursday, June 24, 2010


Definition: "miscellaneous, small articles gathered for their antiquarian, sentimental, decorative or other interest". Also, "without rhyme or reason".

That basically describes my thinking processes in a typical day. There are often too many interruptions and too little inspiration to inspire a psychologically stimulating and chronological thought pattern. Oh, no. Just miscellaneous, small thoughts that flit through my head.

Such as....

  • Our dog Canela really needs to get some help. I may need to call the show "Hoarders: Buried Alive" for an intervention. She has her blanket in a corner that she sleeps on, and it is often the excitement of the day to go over and peek at what treasures she has brought there. She is constantly rummaging through Noah's toys and than happily trotting across the house with something in her mouth to add to her stash of her toys. She also enjoys finding eggshells in the neighbors trashcan and bringing them to her blanket. Gross. She loves pens and crayons. I don't know--really anything she can fit into her mouth.

  • My skin drives me crazy! No, no--not the color or anything like that. It is just soooo oober-sensitive to whatever, and I hate it! Things like swimming, sweating, shaving, wearing shorts on a really windy day--yeah, those things can irritate it. And then, it feels like a million fire ants are crawling under my skin until it decides to calm down. Last night, I was sitting up until 1 am awaiting just that: that it would decide to calm down. Grrr...

  • My former-cave-dweller son has now decided sleeping with a night light is a must. From the time he was born, he has needed such pitch-blackness to sleep that it had us searching our family trees to see if "bat" was listed as a relation to us. Don't know what caused the change--but glad to have figured out that is what was causing the "going-to-bed tantrums"!

  • These days, I've just been way too tired to cry. And, if you grew up with me, you know that is saying a lot. Even if I poke myself in the eye and think, "My dog just died"... it doesn't work. (Obscure quote from "The Man Who Knew Too Little")

  • So, the other day, I was standing in front of the cupboard getting ready to set the table, and I was asking myself, "Good plates or disposable?" I realized my "good plates" are plastic. Hmm. Must have babies in the home.

  • Ok, so here's a cultural thing about Mexico that I try to respect...but don't understand: Why is it considered sooo indecent for a woman's calves to be "out in the open"... yet it's just fine to wear "spray-painted-on jeans" and shirts that are letting everything hang out?? Forgive me, but I'll keep wearing my bermudas and t-shirts--and feeling like I'm just as decent as can be.

  • You know, birthdays with babies are just like any other day. They don't know that maybe you'd like to sleep in 'till 10 and then spend the rest of the day eating popcorn and watching movies. They don't change their own diapers and heat up their own dinners. But, they will someday. So, it's ok. And, maybe that's why the love of friends can mean a lot more to a person when they have babies! (Thank you!!)

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