Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am the mama of a 2-year-old!

Painting and pen scribbles done entirely by Noah. :)

Wow. I can't believe my little guy is two. Sometimes that means it feels like he's been with us only a few days. Other times it means it feels like he's been a part of us forever.
My Noah Rey. My first everything! I love him more than life itself, and am grateful for all he has added to my life. Before I had Noah, I felt like I knew all there was to know about mommying. I had looked down my nose at people who complained during pregnancy (ha! and God taught me a lesson there!)... and had looked down my nose at those people who seemed to stare out from vacant, slightly crazed eyes while standing hunched over in some corner jostling a crying baby. Or those people who kept their babies on this precise schedule. "Hey," I scoffed--internally--"I helped mommy 7 younger siblings. These people ain't got nothing on me. And babies? You just strap 'em on and take 'em anyway. Haven't you ever heard of letting them sleep in the car... or at someone else's house. No need to be so controlled. If you're relaxed, baby will be relaxed too.
Ha, ha. So, God decided I needed a little thing called empathy. And he sent me my bubby. When Noah was born, he laid across my chest and stared up at me with dark, very serious eyes. He never cried, even when they were scrubbing him down and dressing him. We named him Noah-- "man of peace". I was in love. And also very emotionally unstable, thanks to all that "post-birth hormonal stuff".

Noah was pretty much asleep during the first 2 weeks after being born, like all babies. But, once he woke up--it was to a world he did NOT approve of. I just remember days, entire days, of non-stop crying. It seems he is very sensitive to his senses, which translated into: the happiest version of Noah was in a dark, cool, silent place with momma. When I would sneeze, he'd cry for an hour. I recoiled when neighbors gave him the nickname of "El Enojón"--the angry one. However, since Noah would go into never ending screaming sessions when anyone besides me held him, I can kinda see why. Church services would find me walking around in circles in the parking lot with him in my arms. Visits to friend's houses would often be embaressing, since I couldn't "pass him around" and was often unsure as to how Noah would appreciate (or not) a new experience.

I remember saying to Rey in those first 5 months: "Why would anyone have more than one of these??" Although I loved Noah fiercely, he was draining me of every ounce of energy and spontainuity...and I wondered if I had what it took to be a good momma. "I take it back--all those mean, judgemental things I thought!", I moaned to myself.

Around 6 months, Noah began to slowly adjust. Granted, he still only wanted to be home and with me, but the days were illumined with his big smile and sparkly eyes. He began to become stronger physically, more interactive. He is a keenly observant child, which is probably why he was SO aware of where he was and who had him as a newborn. He is very cautious and never over-anxious to jump into things.

I DO remember Noah's first birthday as if it were yesterday. He still hadn't figured out the whole walking thing and was slowly beginning to open up to having friends outside of mom and dad. His birthday party was just the 3 of us and a cinnamon roll... along with some gifts from family and friends. AND, it was the day we found out another little sibling was on the way.

People talk about the terrible 2's. These days, Noah is just so fun to be with. Every day, he is making new connections and thinking of new ways to make me laugh. He learns a new word or two just about every day, and his countless array of faces keep us smiling.

I know this is a long, rambling post... but, hey! It's my blog...and I want to put up some milestones:


WEIGHT: About 27 lbs (according to our scale)

SHOE SIZE: Just started using 7


FAVORITE TOYS: Beary & Blankey, cars, balls, magnetic trains from Uncle Jake & Aunt Hannah, horses, anything musical

FAVORITE MOVIES: Really anything musical.... he likes Veggie Tales, Boz, Blues Clues.


FAVORITE THING TO DO: Get wet, play with animals

DOESN'T LIKE: Getting dirty/sticky. A lot of attention on him when he is in a new situation. Being away from mama.

FAVORITE FOOD: Quesadilla, mac & cheese, bannanas, ramen noodles, grilled cheese sandwhich, fresh corn tortillas (his list of food he doesn't like is muuuuuuuuuuch longer!)

PHYSICAL THINGS: He looooves to dance and sway to music & singing. He can jump with both feet. He can run and kick a soccer ball (of course!). He can throw overhand. He can walk up and down stairs (holding onto something). Goes downs slides alone (the short ones!). Claps. "Plays drums".

ARTISTIC TENDANCIES: He's just figured out that pens are something more than a great thing to chew on... and has been doodling up the town. I think he shows great promise! ;) I also think he is going to be a musician--possibly drums?? Hmmm... a drumming farmer??

WORDS: "Ah-sigh" (outside); "Peas" (please); not to be confused with "Pee-pee" (which usually is poopy); "Bah-bah" (Bottle/drink); "Nigh-Nigh"; "Side" (slide); "Baby"; "Kie-ing, kie-ing" (crying, crying); "DaDDYYY"; "Momma"; "No, no" & "Mm-mm" with a head-shake; "Car"; "Doggy"; "Kitty"; "Ah-see" (horsey); "Cow"; "Seep" (sheep); "Ducky"; "Ball"; "Are ok?" (are you ok?); "....twoooo, dreeeeee!!" (his form of counting); "That say?" (What does that say?); "Hiiii!"; "Bye"; "Hello"; "No touch". "Tickle, tickle;" "Eat!"; "Yite" (light); WOW!; also not to be confused with "Wower" (flower);"Cheese";"Oobie" (movie); "Soft"; "Nice"; "Cooool!"; "Ah-yite!" (alright); "Want that"; "High fie" (high five); "Jump"; "Kick"; "Oh, maaaaan!"; "Yay"; "Ning!" (good morning"); "Tooorrr!" (sure)

He undestands most of what I tell him, and he loves to come and babble on to me very expresively while bobbing his head up and down, raising his eyebrows and putting much inflection into his tone of voice. So cute.

Noah, my boy... I love you for who you are and what you are making me! Thank you for being our number one baby, and for blessing our lives as you have!


  1. So sweet. I can't believe all the words he's learned in such a short time!!! Give him an extra big hug from Aunt Rachie today! :)

  2. yeah...every day he astounds us with the new words he comes out with!


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