Thursday, April 29, 2010 Grandmother's house we go!

SO! It's been forever since I have been able to post... and I am wanting to write about this trip while some details are still fresh. Mainly for my own memories--knowing that most people might not be THAT interested in all this stuff.

Hmm. So, the last time I wrote, we were in Arlington. Wow, that was ions ago. Ok, so we left Arlington and went north to Seiling, Oklahoma. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how beautiful I found the rolling plains of OK to be as they were birthing tender, neon green grass and spring flowers. We stayed in a wonderful house attached to a Christian church there and spent a couple days just relaxing and catching up on laundry. We also met a homeschooling family that was almost as large as ours! :)

From there, we headed farther north to Imperial, Nebraska. We spent a nice weekend with the pastors of a church there and shared on Sunday. We also got to spend some time with old friends who live there.

Next: East!! To Omaha. A friend (Caron) set us up with some friends of hers. We stayed two nights with a family who is preparing to go into ministry shortly to Mexicans on the Texas-Mexico border and it was fun to find out we had many mutual friends! We also got to go to the awesome Omaha Zoo. You should GO if you are ever in the area. Try an indoor desert, an aquariam, a bird/butterfly house... and toooonnnnnnsssss more. We also stayed one night with a nice lady named Rachael.

Further east: Grant City, Missouri. We'd never been in that area, and it was actually very pretty... almost felt like Kentucky because of how hilly it was. We had a great time connecting with friends Mike and Beka, and connecting with new ones!! We left knowing we'd made some memories that would last a lifetime.

AND FINALLY! Peoria! Ahhh. I was definately at the end of my rope, I do believe. We'd been on the road for almost exactly a month. We were relieved to arrive to Rhoda's house. We would be staying in the same basement apartment that Rey and I stayed in for about 2 mos in between getting married and moving to Mexico in 2008.

We were at Rhoda's about 5 days before going to another house to house-sit for a week.... and then we were back at Rhoda's until we left for Mexico.

The days in Peoria were jam-packed getting family and friend time galore! Noah got to play with people his size almost every day, Rey had projects going on, Aleni got oohed and ahhed over, and I got my fill of "sociality".

We did make it to northern Indiana for about 3 days to visit friends and speak at a church. That was a lot of fun.

Departure date came... and we packed all our stuff yet again--and hit the road. The part I've been dreading ever since we landed in Peoria.

The bad thing was we left when I was just coming down with a fever/horrible head cold, so the first 4 days or so of the trip were just a blur of surviving agonizing congestion, pressure....and cold sweats. It was a bummer, cuz we had some pretty great happenings on the way down and I couldn't really enjoy it--but, oh well!

First night we spent at a hotel in Missouri. It had an indoor pool which Rey and Noah played in while Aleni and I slept.

Second night, we stayed in Little Rock, Arkansas and got to meet a great family also in the ministry with whom we were able to share many like experiences and from whom we learned many things! :)

Third and forth night were spent in Kilgore, Texas with my cousin and her family. We got to relax and I kept wishing my head would go somewhere else!

Fifth night, we got the delight of staying (*for free*) at an awesome bed and breakfast about 40 minutes outside of San Antonio, TX. Awesome, awesome place called Haven River Inn... TOTALLY recommend it! AND! It was when I started feeling more normal. :-D

Sixth night of travel (and let me just say Texas has been awesomely gorgeous to drive through--fields and fields of wildflowers!!) brought us here to the border. Ahh.... Just one more day--10 hrs--to get HOME!!