Sunday, January 3, 2010

Peering into the new year...

So, everyone else is doing it... RESOLUTIONS!! Agghhh!!

For some reason, that word makes my heart start pounding and my breath start getting caught in my throat. All I think is: "If you make a promise you don't keep, that makes you a liar. And you KNOW where liars go..."

But, I think it is a noble thing, and I'd hate to avoid life-improvement just because of fear of failure. So, the other night me and my baby sat down and made lists of "goals" (seems a little less frightening than resolutions).

So, here are mine:

--Make time to pray and read the Bible every day (no excuses!)
--Pray for and choose joy every morning
--Be obedient to minister (rather than scrunching my toes up in my shoes and thinking of reasons why it's not the best time, place, etc...)
--Call/write/reach out to 3 people every week
--Make a date night every month
--Start a mom's group
--Make specific time for each child every day
--"Clean the air" with Rey every night (something I've heard from several married-for-a-hundred-years couples: Asking each other every night if anything happened during the day that offended the other, could be improved.)

So, there she is. I've already gotten some great ideas from other people's lists... and am looking forward to making more "choices" this year, rather than letting life "happen". You know what I mean??

ADDENDUM: It is here I tremblingly add yet one more goal: Stop biting my nails.


  1. I'm glad you caved in to the whole resolution thing. :) Now that we know each other's, we can hold each other accountable!

    PS. It might be easier to "clear the air" with Rey if you just stopped feeding him beans! ;)

    Love ya!

  2. Yeah!!

    Hah... I liked your bean comment. Rey pouted and said you don't know what you're talking about. :-P

  3. I similarly like goals over resolutions. Sometimes less pressure means I'll actually get them done! Thanks for the challenge to not just let life happen. I fall into that trap way to easily, and I think I may adapt that as my big picture goal for the year!

  4. Liz,
    All wonderful goals. But just wanted to tell you I feel you on the last one. I finally quit biting my nails the year I turned 30. THIRTY! But it can be done. And I know you can do it. Will pray for grace for you on this one. :)
    P.S. Aleni is beautiful!


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