Thursday, December 10, 2009

This week: Movies, tantrums, failings & betteration

So, I've been feeling a little guilty about how many movies I have been putting on for Noah during the day. I mean, they're educational and/or Christian--so, come on, right? Oh, I have a list of excuses, including:

--we don't have a yard (we live in a 3rd floor apt)
--I'm pregnant (helloooo)
--Noah's still not at a very "interactive" age (still eats play dough and crayons)
--the house isn't that huge (don't know what I'd do if we still lived in our previous home!)
--it's raining...

You get the idea. But, I still kept feeling a little guilty. Picked up the "What to Expect" for the toddler years. Says he should be seeing 30 minutes a day. Whoops. So, have I been brain damaging my son because I'm tired? Heap on the guilt.

Then, Noah had one of "those" days. Those days where I squint my eyes at him and try to remember where I got him. Who is this kid?? Just constantly testing every thing, and then going off the deep end of tantrum land when he was corrected. When he gets like that, I feel like he is looking at me and saying, "Failure!!!" Because, if I was doing everything right--my kid would never act like this, right?

Talked to my sis, who reminded me we can always get better as parents--and to ask myself if I was using the movies as a substitute for time I could/should be spending with Noah.

Talked to my husband, and he counseled me not to shy away from being (what I consider) harsh with Noah if the situation demands it. And if I am feeling overwhelmed, I should ask him to take over.

Result: Have become more intentional with Noah's movie time. Not to say that he never goes over 30 minutes a day... but it has become more of a planned thing rather than a knee-jerk reaction to boredom.

Have tried to discipline Noah in a "this is for your own good" rather than "this reflects on my failings" sort of mind set.

I think that may be betteration. Not sure.

PS--I still worry sometimes. Maybe someday the DIF (people that look out for kids here in Mexico) may come knocking to relieve me of my motherly duties. Like this afternoon: Noah comes in from playing quietly on the patio--with a large, dirt smiley face. (Sorry--wish I had a camera) He looked really funny...until I realized this meant he'd been DRINKING from bunny Mona's water cup. Have you ever heard of anything so disgusting? I considered having him drink hand sanitizer.


  1. Shake it off. Shake it off. You're doing fine. Everyone's kid rots in front to the t.v. now and again. Collect your wits, and move on. Nothing counts when you're pregnant, anyway.

  2. Hah! Thanks for the pep talk, Rachel! And I love that all is forgiven during pregnancy--maybe I should never give birth!! Yeah right...


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